Software Packaging services

BovisTech has extensive knowledge in Microsoft software packaging and are able to provide custom packaging solutions to suit your organisation.

What is Software packaging?

Software packaging is a process of preparing your application for deployment across the desktop and laptop assets within your organisation. The packaging process will normally modify the original vendors installation so that it can be installed without any user interaction and it will be installed with the same configuration options for everyone, packages can also self repair in the event of any problems.
The prepared software package (MSI or exe) can be either deployed to machines via a deployment tool such as Config Manager (SCCM) or deployed via Active Directory, the package can also be installed by your technical support team but the package will always install with the same options and configuration from a simple install command or double click.

Why Package software?

Software packaging provides many advantages to organisations of all sizes

Our Service

BovisTech can offer a software packaging service to meet your requirements and is happy to discuss a level of service that meets your software packaging needs and most importantly meets your budget. We can also offer a full support sevice for all your software and installation needs.

Our Software packaging services can range from a simple one-off software packaging request with or without deployment or we can offer a full end to end packaging service that includes, Identification of applications within your Organsiation, Discovery of the applications, testing of applications, packaging, testing, deployemnt and support.
As BovisTech has extensive Windows Migration and upgrade experience we are able to manage a smooth transition of your applications from your old environment to your new infrastructure.
Our services are available for either On-site or remote/off-shore.
Our goal is to ensure that your software supports your business and reduces your support costs and down-time.

Contact us for further details and to discuss your software packaging requirment.